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The Obscure and the Hidden Gems of Savannah

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

The hidden castle

Between Sonic and the lumber liquidators on Ogeechee road, lies a castle obscured by fauna and time. This was the Savannah powder magazine, now commonly known as “The Savannah Castle.” Originally, it was a munitions storage for the citizens of the city, but in the 1963s, the building closed and has been left abandoned ever since. When it first opened in 1898, many thought it was for the 10,000 soldiers camped at Forsyth park, ready to be shipped off to fight the Spanish in Cuba and the Philippines, but ultimately it was built for public use.

The Graves on the runway

For those that arrive in Savannah via air travel, they will immediately experience some of the city’s weirdness just as soon as they land, for they will land on graves. The Dotson family used to own the land in which the airport is located. In 1942, the federal government bought that land which included the Dotson family Graveyard, which had over 100 graves at the time. All but four of the graves were relocated to Bonaventure cemetery, and two of those graves are in the middle of the runway, to mark the legacy of a family that owned that land since the 1800s.

The nuke in the waters

On February 5th, 1958 a B-47 stratojet was flying above Tybee with a powerful cargo. Within it’s hold, it carried a Hydrogen bomb, a nuclear weapon nearly 1,000 times more powerful than the Atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Suddenly, an F-86 sabre Jet collided into the B-47, causing it to drop the weapon into the Wassaw sound, where it remains to this day, primed, and ready to blow. Several recovery attempts were made both in 1958 and 2004, but no one ever found the bomb.

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