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Legends of Ebenezer Creek

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Ebenezer creek is home to countless animals and plants, including the cypress trees that it’s well known for. Unfortunately the natural beauty is overwhelmed by terrible urban legends and a dark past.

Urban legends and reports from locals claim that the creek and the surrounding swamp is cursed by “Skinstealers.” These terrible demonic entities enter the

minds of their victims and steal their souls, leaving them awake but unable to move. They are described as tall and thin creatures with a height of about 8-10 ft. They don’t walk but hover over their victims, and people claim to feel cold spots and the strong smell of sulfur when a skin-stealer is near.

On December 9th, 1864 the Union army passed Ebenezer creek in order to reach the besieged city of Savannah. The union column was led by Brigadier General Jefferson C. Davis, and a couple hundred freed slaves were following through the

swamp. With the confederate cavalry closing in on the union lines, Davis ordered the pontoon bridges that the army built to cross the creek to be cut and rolled back, leaving behind the freedmen. Seeing the closing danger, the slaves panicked and attempted to cross the creek. Countless men, women, and children drowned in the attempt, and those that didn’t

make it across to the union lines were captured and returned to slavery. During the panic, many slaves attempted to cross the creek with makeshift rafts, and the union

soldiers could do nothing but watch as the slaves struggled to cross. On dark rainy nights,

it is said that you can still hear the screams and the cries of the victims of this terrible incident. Between the Ghosts of the terrible slave massacre, and the legend of the nefarious Skinstealers, the Creek picked up the attention of many paranormal investigators such as Savannah author Tobias McGiffin

and the show “Haunted Highway” in which the fourth episode of the first season featured an investigation on the Skinstealers.

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