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The Webb Military Museum and Savannah History Tour

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

A tour of the city of Savannah and the Webb military museum

For hundreds of years, Savannah has seen many historical and special events in it’s time. Wars, parties, shipwrecks, executions and more. This history is often forgotten and buried, quite literally, as the city was built on top of battlefields and graves. Although much of it has been left behind to wither in the past, many artifacts and trinkets survived long enough for people to view them in the present day. One of the largest collectors of such treasures in the city is a man named Gary Webb, who started his own museum in order to showcase his collection of war memorabilia.

From the civil war all the way to present day, his unique collection includes weapons, tools, books, newspapers, personal objects with unique histories, and uniforms!

Before entering the museum, explore the city’s famous battlefields and history on an amazing tour. Walk through Colonial park cemetery, which may not appear as it seems. Stand on the very grounds in which the siege of Savannah took place, and learn about Savannah's early beginnings and the people who helped make the city the way it is today. During the tour, you will be shown artifacts from the locations and be able to hold them yourself.

After this wondrous and knowledgeable tour of Savannah, you will arrive at the old barn doors that mark the entrance of the Webb museum, where you will be greeted by none other than Gary Webb himself. After a quick introduction, you will be left to wander the museum and enjoy it’s ancient collection. Once you’ve finished exploring, stop and take a look at what the museum has for sale, as some artifacts won’t be put on display, so they get sold to anyone who wishes to have them.

So come join the Savannah and Webb museum tour, and walk with us through history!

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