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Pour Larry’s smelly ghost

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

The popular tavern in market street has formed a reputation of haunted experiences and foul trickery throughout the years. Located below the main building within the old basement, it became a party hub for patrick’s day parade and other special occasions.

From the 1850s until December 1864 the building was used for the buying, selling, and exporting of slaves. Owned by John Montmollin, a prestigious slave owner and trader, he co-owned an illegal slave trade using a ship called “The wanderer” by transporting slaves illegally across the sea, and had the ship drop it’s anchor far from the city so the human cargo on board could be transported back into savannah without being caught. Around 400 men were kidnapped from Africa and forced into slavery, none would ever go home again.Montmollin would meet a grizzly fate on June 9th 1859 when he was on board a steamer ship named the J.G Lawton. The ship was 20 miles upriver when the boiler exploded, killing Montmollin and leaving his body a charred and gruesome mess under the hot Georgia sun. When authorities discovered John Montmollin’s corpse, they found it completely burned with little to no human features left. Due to the summer sun, the corpse stinks to high hell, which is how the ghost got its name. John Montmollin haunts the building and the pub, with an awful stench following close behind him. Officially known as “The stinky ghost.” Montmollin was said to keep the slaves he bought in the basement of the building where Pour Larry’s is currently located. Guests report to feel great sorrow and pain when left alone for too long, and some claim to see shadows darting about.

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