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The fascinating people of Savannah

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Savannah has a collection of the most interesting and strange folks in the entirety of Georgia. From museum owners to collectors of the gruesome and morbid, the city has it all!

Gary Webb

Founder of the Webb military museum, he is an artist, historian, and one of the friendliest museum owners in all of Savannah. When he first opened in

2015, few people would walk through his ancient wooden barn doors, but now, nearly seven years later, the museum is rated number two in the best places to visit in savannah’s museums!

Ryan Graveface

One of the newest museum owners of savannah, Ryan Graveface opened one of the first occult museums in Georgia.

The man himself is as interesting as his collection. He is a nice man who takes interest in the strange and macabre. He also owns a record store in the streetcar district.

Brandy Williamson

Chef, mother, and collector of taxidermy and the grotesque, Brandy is a truly unique person. She has a large collection of taxidermy animals and has provided a large portion of the ones on display at the Graveface Museum. Some include the 5 legged cows, the giant taxidermy bear, Charles Manson's

sweatpants, and a gun case. Along with animals, she also has human remains, but due to Georgia law, they cannot be purchased outside the state.

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