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The Graveface Museum in Savannah

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

The museum with the devil’s mouth

In the belly of Factor’s walk, there lies what appears to be one of many ancient and condemned buildings that riddle the hidden street. But upon closer inspection, one will stumble upon a great wooden door, and within lies the gift shop of the Graveface Museum.

Ryan Graveface first opened the museum doors on February 16, 2020 on Valentine’s day, and has since gained a lot of attention for his museum of oddities and objects that once belonged to serial killers. Some of the exhibits include the taxidermy of strange animals, some original flavor-aid from packets from the Jonestown massacre, a necronomicon from a real savannah cultist, paintings by John Wayne Gacy, and Charles Manson’s sweatpants.

Aside from owning a museum with one of the biggest occult collections in America, Ryan Graveface also owns a record store called “Graveface Records & Curiosities,” located at West 40th Street, Savannah, GA.

A large portion of the museum’s displays were procured by Brandy Williamson, who has a passion for the collection of oddities. Some of her objects include the majority of the taxidermy, including the five legged calf and Charles Manson’s sweatpants.

The building itself was constructed in the late 1800s after the civil war, and there have been reports of strange noises and supernatural activity within the museum by customers. The spirits of children are often spotted in the upstairs room with John Wayne Gacy’s paintings. According to the owners, a child was burned alive during a fire in that very room.

The restless victims of the serial killer have also reportedly been felt and heard there as well. Knocks on the walls facing the street of the second floor, breathing heard in the taxidermy room, and spirits cursing at people are somewhat common occurrences in the building.

So If you happen to be walking down the ancient stones of Factor’s walk, you might consider stopping by this hidden museum, and dare yourself to enter the devil’s maw.

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