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The legend of Spearfinger

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

There are few smoky mountain legends that drive a chill deep down the spine like the legend of spearfinger. Cherokee in origin, and famous throughout the region. The Cherokee name isn’t too different from the English

either, named “U’tlun’ta, which translated means “She had it sharp.” Her name comes from her long, bony and sharp finger, but she also goes by a much colder name at times. “Nûñ'yunu'ï” or “Stone dress,” taken from her cold, stone skin.

Spearfinger has a long, sharp index finger on her right hand that cuts through anything. Legend says that it resembled an obsidian knife. She was said to cut out her victims with this finger and eat their livers. Clutched in her right hand, she kept her evil heart safely guarded, which was her only weakness. Since she was made of stone, every step she took sounded like thunder. She supposedly angered the higher beings by building a stone bridge towards them. Striking it down, the higher beings crushed her under her own bridge, giving her the stone skin. The location of the ruins of the bridge are said to be right here in Blount county.

She also has the ability to shapeshift into a family member of one of her child’s victims. Her preferred form is that of an old woman with a deformed hand. A powerful tool to lure her victims, but she cannot change back into her stone form if she's within sight of someone. She’s often spotted singing her songs in the forest, and if you get too close she quickly steals your liver without you noticing. By the time you realize it itll be too late, and you'll have died from a lack of liver.

Spearfinger, as dreadful as she is, has only one enemy other than humans, and that would be the stone man. He also eats livers and is made of stone. He uses his staff to create rock bridges across mountains, and the two are enemies simply over competition for food.

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