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The Mysterious Mansion of Gatlinburg

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Within the heart of Gatlinburg, lies it’s famous museum district. Many of it’s attractions include the aquarium, the escape room, the infamous Believe it or not museum and so much more! But the mysterious mansion has a particular reputation. Although it is a tourist attraction, it certainly isn’t also called the haunted mansion for nothing, as long lost souls still roam the place.

The attraction was opened in 1980, making it the oldest haunted building in downtown Gatlinburg. The house is a self-guided haunted home that introduces guests to three floors of dark hallways, strange passageways, and of course, the long dead spirits that still haunt the place. The attraction has been family-owned since it opened, and it still runs as one of America's most famous haunted mansions!

The story behind the mansion’s hauntings is as dark as it’s hallways. In 1903, a family used to live in the old house. Legend says that the family had a knack for being extremely paranoid, and was often described as insane. The paranoia eventually got to them when they began to turn on each other. One by one, the family members killed one another out of an unknown fear. Their long paranoid spirits still remain in the house, along with a few distinct others.

The family isn’t the only one haunting the home. A young girl who was only 7 years old was said to have fallen off a balcony in a nearby building, and has since haunted the mansion as well. Guests hear her crying very loudly, as the building where she died is long gone, leaving only the mansion for her to stay at. Her spirit is especially active on her death’s anniversary. Finally, a mysterious hooded figure tends to follow guests and staff around. His origins are unknown, just as his intentions around the house. There is also a strange lightbulb that no matter how many times you change it, it’ll burn out within a few hours.

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