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The strange little house on Abercorn street.

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

432 Abercorn is also known as the house of 400 Faces.


The strange little house on Abercorn street.

If you have ever visited the wondrous city streets of savannah, you might have stumbled upon Calhoun square. This little nook of the city is decorated with lush trees, comfortable benches, and open grass fields for youngsters to play in, but in one of it’s dark corners, lies a house that is no stranger to suffering.

The house was built in 1869 by Benjamin J. Wilson, a civil war veteran whose wife died of yellow fever. He was reportedly a cruel man, and an abusive father. So much so that a legend began about him accidentally killing one of his own daughters!

Legend says that he found her playing with a group of African-American children, which at the time was considered wrong in the vast majority of the south. So as a punishment, Wilson tied up his daughter to a chair and forced her to watch her friends play without her. After two days of torment, the girl was found dead in that chair. She died from dehydration and exposure. Fortunately, this never happened. Benjamin J. Wilson did indeed have two daughters, but both got married and lived past childhood.

Another gruesome legend about this house states that in the 1960s or 1970s, the owners of the house left their four daughters ages 4-12 at home to go enjoy savannah’s night life. When they returned, three of the kids were brutally murdered and sprawled across the kitchen floor, their bodies were ripped apart and their blood decorated the ceiling as if they were used for some kind of ritual, while the youngest daughter was found in a closet. Once again this story is not real. No such murder has ever taken place inside the home.

So what's going on with this house? If all these stories are fake, then why do so many people refuse to go near it? Why do so many sensitives claim that they feel such overwhelming pain when going too close?

Well, as it turns out, the house sits on top of not one, but two overlapping slave graveyards. The suffering and torment these people overtook during that time must have been enormous, and the bodies were never removed before the house’s construction. In 1930 and 2004, body parts were discovered, but no intact cadavers were ever found. The house was also a heavy site for occult rituals during the 1980s, and some claim that there might have been a successful ritual that opened a real portal to hell. So perhaps go visit, and see for yourself just what secrets this little corner of the city hides behind it’s infernal walls.

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