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This is Halloween in Savannah

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

This is Halloween!

Once a year, in the month of October, the hidden spirits and specters of Savannah come out of the shadows and dance alongside the living. The children walk about door to door asking for treats in either the most horrendously scary costumes or dressed as their favorite superhero. The adults party the night away at one of Savannah’s high-end bars or restaurants.

October isn’t just for celebrating the dead, it is also a perfect time to explore and learn about the great hauntings and legends that made the city of Savannah the most haunted in the United States.

Happy Guide Tours, LLC is currently providing hot apple cider and Halloween treats with every tour on Friday and Saturday evenings! Imagine walking around with a delicious cup of apple cider and Halloween cookies and candy, whilst listening to a frightening tale of murder, treachery, and deceit.

Happy Guide Tours, LLC also has access to a few hidden treasures around the city. Thanks to an immense amount of work, digging deep into the shrouded documents and paperwork about Savannah’s architectural history, We managed to find many lost stories and buildings that most have completely forgotten about. For example, the Noble Hardee house was thought to have been just another simple creepy-looking building downtown, but after some investigation, it turns out that it had a plethora of tales, hauntings, curses, and hidden secrets, all of which will be told and explained on our amazing ghost tour.

If hauntings, curses, and ghosts are a bit too much for you, then come take our amazing history tour! Come and walk through Savannah and see some of the more historical locations downtown, followed by a tour of the Webb military museum, a private collection of historical weapons, uniforms, and tools starting from the American civil war, to the modern-day.

If history bores you, then you might be interested in our pub crawls! Come and skip from bar to bar as a tour guide explains the hauntings of each location. Try some of the famous shots and drinks from each station, and truly enjoy the savannah nightly experience.

There is something for everyone here in Savannah, and October is the perfect month to do it! Whether you are into ghosts, history, or just want to get drunk, we’ve got it all. All we need is you, to come and enjoy yourself in our wonderful city.

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